Founded in 1982 and registered in Perkins building, warwood street, London, UK, selead Technology Ltd is a British family business focusing on the power industry.
Since its establishment, the company is determined to become a high-quality component supplier in the field of power quality and safety compensation and provide 
customers with one-stop high-quality servicesIn the field of power quality, selead has always been an excellent equipment supplier with the ability to
independently develop, manufacture and integrate components and systems. Our job is to provide high-quality and reliable products and services for the market 
and provide customers with intelligent power monitoring system, low-voltage power active filter device, electric energy itemized metering system, electrical 
fire monitoring system As an emerging enterprise integrating energy technology development and other products and services to improve customers' power 
efficiency and power safety, by the end of 2020, the company's overseas power equipment output and profit contribution had exceeded half of the group's 
total output.

The company adheres to innovation, especially scientific and technological innovation as the core competitiveness, establishes complete independent 
technology in talent introduction, and creates strong global competitiveness.

SELEAD is certified

The high SELEAD standards in quality, environmental and energy management are confirmed by the certification according to BS EN 9001,14001 and 50001

Today, energy management is crucial for a company's success and becomes increasingly important. By extending their quality management system with 
environmental and energy management,SELEAD setsa good example.

The most important components are provided by SELEAD first hand. Products and solutions for contemporary energy management. Energy measurement devices 
and energy meters as well as the web based analysis and visualization software visual energy help to make processes and energy consumptions transparent.
Based on the results, evaluations and decisions are made about the possible savings in the fields of energy and resources, which consequently helps to 
prevent waste.

SELEAD will pass on their know-how to their customers.