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With the promotion of smart city construction, more and more people understand the 

intelligent operation and maintenance system of distribution room. Specifically, 

what real benefits can the "intelligent operation and maintenance system of 

distribution room" bring to our life?


1、 Firstly, the "distribution room intelligent operation and maintenance system" system 

can store a large amount of data in real time, obtain first-hand data at any time, form a

data center, extract, mine, analyze and summarize data, and provide basis for 

important decisions;


2、 In addition, compared with the traditional mode of more manual supervision of 

power consumption safety, the "intelligent operation and maintenance system of 

distribution room" system can realize 7 × 24-hour all-weather monitoring, get 

rid of the limitations and inefficiencies of human work, and monitor the operation 

status of equipment at any time through the Internet of things system;


3、 At the operation end, through the big data system, the user's power consumption 

can be turned into a visual digital presentation, and the electrical operation safety 

can be visually displayed and monitored by graphics;


4、 In case of power safety hazards such as line abnormality and overload transportation, 

the system can start the alarm mechanism in time, accurately report the fault point, 

and investigate the potential safety hazards through technical means in time;


5、 In a large area, there are tens of millions of electrical equipment. The "distribution 

room intelligent operation and maintenance system" system can help the management party 

to carry out scientific and effective management. The specific way is to realize the positioning of monitoring points based on the system through the easy power 

distribution intelligent management cloud platform, make the distribution of projects 

and equipment clear at a glance, and monitor the regional power consumption status to 

realize the safety of distribution room "Transparent" management can save costs and 

improve efficiency.


In short, the distribution room intelligent operation and maintenance system has changed 

the traditional operation and maintenance mode. By establishing an automatic monitoring 

and management platform, the use of power safety supervision has become simpler, so as 

to eliminate potential safety hazards and realize scientific management.